Devoted 2021

Devoted 2021 - 27-29 August 2021.

We feel God speaking to us about continuing to look with eyes of faith; we don't walk by sight but we walk by faith (2 Cor 5:7 ESV). We've also sensed God speaking to us about fruitfulness and harvest even in unusual conditions. In light of this the team decided once again to hold Devoted online only in 2021. We will be expanding what is available online to give more opportunities for interaction in worship and more content for children and young people. We believe that this will enable us to serve a much larger number of people than purely a physical event in 2021.

Our plans for this year's event are coming together really well and we're excited about the diversity of the programming that we'll be able to put together as we seek to serve as wide an age range as possible. There'll be content for adults, children & young people. So don't miss out! If you've not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet click here.

Main Sessions:

  • Friday Evening
  • Saturday Evening
  • Sunday Morning

Worship Leader

Lou Fellingham

Lou Fellingham

Lou’s distinctive voice and heart for people have made her a greatly loved worship leader, singer and recording artist. Lou served as lead singer of Phatfish for almost two decades - during which time they recorded eight albums, toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America and became an integral part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks. Lou has also made several appearances on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'. Now concentrating on her solo material, Lou has several albums to her name, including Treasure, Promised Land, Step into the Light, This Changes Everything and her most recent 'Made For You'. "Made For You" was recorded live at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham.

We were so grateful to have Lou as one of our main speakers at Devoted 2019 and that Lou & Nathan and the band will be with us once again to help lead us in worship at Devoted 2021!

Find out more about Lou on her website:

Ultimately we want the music we write to draw people to God. That by the power and presence of His Spirit people would have revelation of all that Jesus has done for us. That we can be restored to the Father. Worship is His gift to us. We’re made to worship our creator and He is worthy no matter what, but we find that as we give, we also receive.

Lou Fellingham On song writing

Main Speaker

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

Natalie grew up in a working class family in the deprived but beautiful seaside town of Hastings, which the Daily Mail once called “Hell-on-Sea” but is actually quite lovely. She encountered the wonderful mercy of God at 15 and has wrestled with Him ever since.

Natalie used to be a journalist and now works for the Christian charity Jubilee+, which was started by Newfrontiers, heading up communications and policy. She has co-authored two books on British poverty and the Church with Martin Charlesworth (‘A Church for the Poor’, The Myth of The Undeserving Poor) and has a third one coming out in 2020. Natalie also heads up social action at King’s Church in Hastings.

Natalie loves the mercy of Jesus and is passionate about churches being a force for good in their communities, tackling poverty and injustice and building churches where people from the poorest backgrounds are welcomed and included.

Take a listen...

The Bible shows us that God has always seemed to have a bias towards the orphan, the widow, the person who's been forced to flee their home, and for the oppressed. The Bible is pretty clear that if you are a follower of Jesus, then you should care about the needs of those who are afflicted, or distressed, or oppressed in any way.

Main Speaker

Jeremy and Ann Simpkins

Jeremy and Ann Simpkins

Jeremy & Ann have been involved in leading Newfrontiers churches for over 25 years, including Hastings (one of the first churches to relate to Terry Virgo) and Eastbourne (one of the first strategic Newfrontiers church plants). In 2009 Jeremy & Ann moved from the church they had planted in Teeside (Jubilee Church) to lead Christ Central Manchester. In 2014 the team in Manchester appointed a local pastor to lead Christ Central Manchester releasing Jeremy to lead the ChristCentral team and travel amongst the churches which the team serves. After 7 years in Manchester, Jeremy & Ann then spent 4 years as part of City Church Sheffield. More recently they have felt called to serve more locally and are now part of the ChristCentral church in Macclesfield.

Jeremy and Ann spend most of their time serving churches in the UK, Canada and other nations. When they're not traveling, they love to walk in the surrounding countryside - usually ending with a visit to a local pub!

Take a listen...

We need to prepare for ourselves for revival...we must do what only we can do, so that God does what only he can do! We need to call on God for revival, for the revival of God to come.

Jeremy Simpkins On Revival

Main Speaker

Josh Howard

Josh Howard

Josh has been living in India since 2008 and has a passion to see the Kingdom of God spread throughout the world. He desires to raise up disciples who make disciples, leaders who create leaders, and churches that plant churches. In order to see this happen, Josh is overseeing the church planting school at Central India Christian Mission (CICM), which prepares church planters to go to unreached areas in India and the surrounding countries. In 2015, he launched a branch of the ministry called “Ignite”, which has seen over 6,000 churches started in 6 years! He has a Master of Arts in Missional Church Movements from Wheaton College and is the co-author of the book Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For.

Besides God’s grace through Jesus, He is most thankful for his wife Lashi, his two sons, Josiah and Jeremiah, and his daughter Zara.

Take a listen...

What we really desire is to put evangelism and discipleship together as one. Training and raising up every day people, so that they can share their faith and make disciples, that will multiply, sparking movements that can change the world.

Josh Howard CICM

I want to remind all of us that the Kingdom work we do is first and foremost for the King! His love is unfailing! His grace is amazing! It’s Him that we worship, and it’s Him that we follow. It’s all about Him — as we plant churches and multiply leaders, as we make disciples and evangelise, as we preach and teach. It’s by Jesus that we live; it’s by Him that we receive grace. It’s by Jesus that we receive forgiveness. And we are doing this all for Him.

Josh Howard Igniting Movements - Multiplying Churches In Dark Places - Read more here
Devoted 2021 Seminars

Seminars in 2021

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

Last summer we really missed the opportunity to look in depth into specific areas of teaching through our LifeZones. This year we've replaced our LifeZones with mini seminars in the style of TED talks. So these will be short 15-20 min talks on particular subjects, some of which will be with a view to expand at a later date through other training events.

Some of the subjects we're hoping to look at this summer include:

  • 'Good Shepherds' - leadership that feeds disciples
  • Looking after one another's mental health
  • Pursuing His Presence - desiring spiritual gifts and following the way of love
  • Every Nation, Every Tongue
  • Making Disciples, Who Make Disciples
  • Kingdom in the Workplace
  • Unity & Diversity

Find Out More Coming Soon..

Read more about our seminars here...

Find out more!
Coming soon
Going Bananas

Going Bananas

Saturday and Sunday Mornings

Last summer our stripped back programme only allowed for a short segment for children. This year we've got two specific sessions for children on Saturday & Sunday mornings. We'll be looking at God's word, going deeper with Him, spending time worshipping as well as the usual fun, games and competitions.

The children's teams are working on putting together these sessions to make sure that there is content over the weekend for children to enjoy and learn more about their wonderful saviour.


Amplify 2021

Sunday evening

Our main focus as always, is helping you grow and deepen a real relationship with Jesus - recognising that we're all at different stages in our Christian walk, and allowing God by His Spirit to meet with us where we're at.

Our Amplify team are preparing a very special evening with worship and teaching for our young people. Watch this space for more details!

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