We want to make the Devoted site as accessible as we can for everyone. We also want to make the site a safe place for children & pedestrians so please be aware that:

1. Vehicle Access to the site for delegates with accessibility issues is as follows:

Blue badge holders will always be able to drive from the main gate to the disabled parking and do not require an additional pass. Those without a Blue Badge wanting to access the disabled parking will need to request a vehicle pass for their car prior to the event.

Any Blue Badge holder or other delegate that wants to be able to park their car by their camp site and/or use it to get to and from where they are camping to the various venues must also request a vehicle pass. Site passes can be requested from
but delegates should consider point (2) before making a request.

2. Use of accessibility equipment on site

Most of the Devoted site is very accessible: it is reasonably flat, with tarmacked roads and the venues are centrally located on the site. Delegates who are disabled are welcome to bring mobility scooters or similar equipment to help them get round the site. Charging points can be provided where necessary.

While we recognise this may not always be possible in all cases, our preference is for delegates who need help accessing the site to be responsible for bringing their own mobility equipment, especially if the alternative would be needing to use their car around the site during the event. This as we said earlier is due to our desire to make the site a car free, pedestrian friendly, environment for the safety of everyone but especially our young children! With this in mind please follow directions of stewards and keep your speed very low while driving on site.

Here are a few ways we can help while you are on site:


Accessible toilets and showers will be available on site.

Electric Scooters

If you have an electric scooter, and it needs recharging, please contact the accessibilty team or the welcome desk as we have specific locations which you can use.

Wheelchairs & Scooters in meetings

Wheelchair & scooter users will be free to sit where they wish to in the various venues across site, but please be aware that we do need clear access in aisles in case of fire or other emergencies, if you are unsure one of our friendly stewards will be able to advise you.

Hearing Loop

A hearing loop will be in use in the main hall in the sections directly in front of the main stage.

When you have a disability knowing you are not defined by it is the sweetest feeling.

Annie Strike

Should you have any specific needs which you feel we should know or you would like to discuss with us please do get in touch with the event team and we will endeavour to help you.

Get In Touch

Accessibility Team

We have a team of people who will be able to help you during the event. We have a room on site which is available all day for anyone with additional needs to access for support. There will be a video link to the main meetings and children with additional needs and their carers are welcome to come and enjoy a safe place to play. Refreshments will also be avialable. If you have been in touch with us about your accessibility requirements someone from this team will be in contact with you prior to the event, to further discuss your needs and to introduce themselves. Our hope is that we'll also be able to provide a place that people with additional needs and their carers can access throughout the event, for some quiet space, refreshments and time out.

If you would be interested in joining or assisting this team both before or during the event click here.


If you have additional needs, or you are a parent or carer of someone who is attending the event, please don't feel under any obligation to volunteer to help, especially if this would be too much! Although we would love your input and support if you do have capacity!

Pain is pain. Broken is broken. FEAR is the biggest disability of all and will PARALYSE you more than being in a wheel chair.

Nick Vujicic Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker

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