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Amplify 12-18's at Devoted is shaping up to be a fantastic event for 12-18's. The main focus, as always, is helping you to grow and deepen a real relationship with Jesus - recognising that we're all at different stages in our Christian walk, and allowing God by His Spirit to meet with us where we're at. So, we have:


Morning meetings/seminars on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with a talk and opportunities for Q&A.


Evening meetings on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with worship led by our Amplify band, various speakers, games, challenges, vidoes, interviews with church leaders / planters / speakers and lots of opportunity for response.

Our Team

The team is led by Jordan who is part of the leadership team at City Church Lancaster. He moved there from London five years ago in order to study History at Lancaster University. He now works as a Maths teacher, and also the worship and staff office teams at City Church. He's an avid (but very mediocre) sportsman, a musician and an Arsenal supporter...

Amplify is all about Jesus - shouting about Him, encountering His Spirit...join us!

Amplify Team

Cafe 316

The Amplify cafe - relaunched in 2018 as Cafe 316 is a chilled out cafe in the Pavilion for you to hang out in, catch up with old friends, make new ones and enjoy the activities, food and drinks we have on offer.

We'll be serving mocktails, pik and mix sweets, hot and cold drinks. There's loads to do during the day, and every evening there will be a different event - one night will be the 316 Gig Night, another will be the Glow Stick Party.

Sunday night is our famous Open Mic Night!

If you can sing, do some poetry or even stand up comedy, we want you to showcase your skills.

There will be a lot more, but you will have to come and find out! Our promise to you is that at Devoted you can make your mark and explore more about what your IDENTITY really is!

Team games, chill out time, signature drinks...all at our IDENTITY cafe.

Going Bananas

Going Bananas 8-11s

We’re so excited about meeting with our 8-11’s again this year.

Over this weekend we will be looking at Gods word, going deeper with Him, spending time together worshipping, as well as the usual fun, messy games, competitions and film nights!

Once again we’re looking forward to joining with everyone for family worship in the mornings! You are so important in all that happens at Devoted and we are looking forward to getting even more involved this year!

We have lots of other exciting things planned... but we won’t spoil all the fun, you’ll just have to wait until you get here! Really excited to see you all again on site!

Investigating God's word, going deep with Him, as well as the usual fun, messy games & competitions.

Going Bananas 8-11s
Going Bananas

Going Bananas 5-7s

There will be wild and wacky games! Fun and zany antics! There will be music; singing; craft and drama to help children to focus on God every day!

We will help the children to understand that the Bible is God’s word for them today and will help them to see how powerful it is in their hearts.

Going Bananas will be fun, exciting and extremely valuable. Our weekend together will be a time to make new friends; hear truth and have lots of fun! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Wild & wacky games, fun & zany antics, music, singing.

Going Bananas 5-7s

Arktots 3-4

This year the ARK tots 3-4s will once again have loads of fun packed, activity based teaching.

Discover with us how much God loves us, how Jesus saves us and how we can decide to follow Jesus.

Arktots 3-4s will be held every morning. A snack and drink will be provided.

Arktots 2yr olds

This is a special group just for our 2 year olds. We are going to be learning together about the God who made our wonderful bodies and how we can use them to serve Him. And we will be using our wonderful bodies to play, create, get messy, make music and generally have a great time together!

Arktots 2’s will also be held every morning!

Fun packed, activity based teaching for 3-4s & 2yr olds!

Arktots 3-4 & 2yr olds
Parenting Children

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Written by Rachel Turner, the Parenting Children for a Life of Faith Omnibus collects the previous titles Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose, and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence into one volume, with updated chapters and examples. Available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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This is a must have read for any parent or those working with children. Rachel's methods are intuitive and child centred. They seem so natural you wonder why you haven't always taken this approach to helping children interact with God. Seeing the wonder on a child's face when they are released in this way is priceless.

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