LifeZones are interactive teaching times that are aimed at helping you in your daily life. We're still finalising the details for our LifeZones in 2018, so please keep coming back to this page as we will update it as we confirm them over the next few months.

To give you a flavour of how they work, the 2016 LifeZones are shown below (including the available audio). We hope you find this helpful for now!


Audio From 2016


Creativity & Culture

Whether you consider yourself at the start of exploring your creative gifts, or well on your way, the focus of this LifeZone was to encourage you to step out in your creative skills and abilities.

We focussed on God's design for our creativity as well as exploring how we keep ourselves culturally relevant whilst remaining God glorifying. The sessions were a mix of theology, practical tips, personal stories and of course networking and exchanging ideas.

Jez Chalmers

Jez worked as a breakfast show presenter for the national Christian radio station UCB. He is also part of the core leadership team for Grace Church, based in Stoke on Trent, where he lives with his wife Bex, and their 3 small children.

Andy Kind

Andy Kind has been a professional comedian for 11 years and has travelled across the world making people laugh. As of March 2016 he is also the warden and creative director of the Westwood Christian Centre in the heart of the Colne Valley. His plan over the coming years is to use Westwood as a place to champion, equip and resource Christians within the Arts.

We carry the prophetic call that we can do more together than apart.



Marriage... a God designed partnership of love, sacrfice and faithfulness. for life. We will all know good times and difficult times. Times of laughter and times of tears. Times of struggle and times of joy. Times of change and times of routine. Marriage will know these times and seasons.

Our calling is to enjoy one another and grow together in Godly marriages that demonstrate his love, grace and purposes to each other and to our world.

This LifeZone was designed to strengthen marriages and equip couples to live out the life God has called them to together. It inspired couples to fresh enjoyment of their unique marriage relationship together.


  • Roger and Cheryl Bye - Cockermouth, Cumbria
  • Rob and Jo Horn - Kendal & Lancaster
  • Lee and Stacey Yarbrough - Guadalajara, Mexico

The aim was to help couples...

  • To appreciate one another more as husband and wife.
  • To reinforce and strengthen your marriages, whatever stage / season / challenge you are going through
  • To be encouraged in your unique role as husband or wife and be fruitful on God's mission together

The LifeZone looked at God's design for marriage, understanding one another, communication, keeping together, working through the challenges, living with change, emotional intimacy and yes ~ sex!

For all those just married - married for decades - about to be married!

Roger & Cheryl Bye King's Church, Cockermouth

Life In The Spirit

Graham Pyman hosted this LifeZone alongside Andy Robinson & Jo McCulloch. This LifeZone looked at life in the Spirit and growing in the prophetic.

"We believe it is so important for us to be well taught and spiritually informed but we are also very passionate about being people who experience our theology too. We believe life in the spirit is exactly that, the whole of life lived every day in every way, in the Spirit." Andy Robinson - King's Church Horsham

The team looked at baptism in the Spirit, the power of speaking and praying in tongues, hearing God for yourself and for others, moving in words of knowledge and how all that works not only in church meetings but in every part of life.

People were encouraged to come and learn, hear stories of God moving in people's lives and in their work places. To experience the presence of the Spirit and be filled or re-filled with the Spirit. There were opportunities to receive fresh impartation to go and bring heaven to earth in the places God has already given people influence - at home, at work, at school, at the gym or with other parents at the school gate. Life in the Spirit really is for the whole of life!

Graham Pyman

Graham is married to Sarah and leads the team at Jubilee Church Derby. He is also part of the ChristCentral Partnership and European Apostolic Core Team. Graham & Sarah have 3 school age children and are also foster carers for their local authority.

Andy Robinson

Andy is married to Hazel and they have two sons. He is lead pastor of King's Church Horsham and leads several teams in the church as part of his role. Andy previously worked for 20 years in the IT industry as a programmer and latterly as the sales and marketing director for a large international software company before joining the staff at King's in 2006.

Jo McCulloch

Jo and her husband Paul are members of King's Church Horsham. Jo serves on the Leadership Team as a deacon and has particular responsibilty for the growth and development of the prophetic. She works with a gifted team and leads the Prophetic Academy which has just completed its second year! Her passion is to see people inspired and equipped to hear God and be part of bringing prophetic enocuragement and direction in every sphere of life. Jo enjoys teaching and activating the prophetic in people's lives and developing potential. Paul and Jo enjoy travel and reading. They have two grown up children.

We believe life in the spirit is exactly that, the whole of life lived every day, in every way, in the Spirit.

Andy Robinson King's Church Horsham

Understanding the World Around You

Martin Charlesworth, the leader of Jubilee+ hosted this LifeZone that sought to take a closer look at some current hot topics in our society.

The aim was to provide a combination of biblical perspectives and up to date practical insight into the chosen issues. There was plenty of time for questions and reflection. The LifeZone was full of insight and practical equipping about key issues that affect our society today!

Friday: Immigration, refugees and asylum

This session was jointly presented by Martin Charlesworth and Dave Smith. Dave is a key national leader in Christian ministry to refugees. He is based in Manchester and is the founder of the Boaz Trust. Dave is also the national coordinator of NACCOM, which is a nationwide network of organizations working with refugees. Martin set the scene biblically and Dave discussed the ground level practicalities of working with refugees in the UK today. Dave is the author of Refugee Stories: Seven Personal Journeys Behind the Headlines.

The other two subjects looked at in this LifeZone were: "Building Diverse Church Communities In A Multicultural Society" and "What About The Welfare System".

This LifeZone looked at how Christians can develop a biblical worldview on various hot topics which impact our society today.

Martin Charlesworth Jubilee+ Team Leader & ChristCentral Training Director

Parenting Children For A Life Of Faith

We all want to see our children and teens fully loving God and deeply knowing his love in return.

But life as a parent is hard, and messy and stuffed full of the mundane, stressful everdayness of life. We can often feel ill equipped to figure out how to help our children flourish spiritually in the midst of getting them where they need to be at the right place at the right time, fed and relatively clean!

The good news is that God designed parenting our children and teens for a life of faith to be light and easy, woven into the normal bits of life, because that's where He is. He knew family life would be crazy, and so He made us perfectly positioned to coach our children in their faith without having to shove one more "to do" into our already busy family life. No special qualifications are needed.

This LifeZone was aimed at parents, grandparents or godparents, and provided space for anyone to be encouraged in their parenting. They were able to:

  • reflect on what God is already doing in your children and teen's walk with Him
  • be deeply equipped with pratical skills and approaches to make the ordinary moments of life the perfect place for connecting your children to God
  • to ask all the tough, annoying or worrying questions you may have about helping your children know God and be transformed by Him in a broken world.

Rachel Turner

Rachel is part of Hope Church, Harrogate and is the Parenting for Faith Pioneer at BRF. Having worked as a children's minister, youth pastor and family life pastor, she continues to train parents and church leaders nationally and internationally. She has written four books and a course to help equip parents and families to equip their children for a life of God-connected faith, godly confidence and spirit-empowered purpose. She is married to Mark and has one son.

John and Kate Payne

John and Kate are part of Hope Church, Harrogate. They planted the church in 2010 with a vision to reach out to families in the area. Kate is a part-time GP and leads the kids team at Hope. John is a full time elder for the church and part of the ChristCentral core team. They have a growing passion to build multigenerational church where children play their full part in the church community. They have two young girls.

This LifeZone was aimed at parents, grandparents, godparents, carers...

Rachel Turner Hope Church, Harrogate

Mark's Gospel: The Way of the Lord and the Way of the Cross

In this LifeZone, Alan Rose explored Mark's gospel.

They looked at Mark's literary structure, use of scripture and narrative Christology in order to open up fresh readings of the gospel and lead us into both a deeper understanding of Jesus' identity and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. In essence this LifeZone was about meeting Jesus in the text of the gospel.

Alan Rose

As well as leading York City Church, Alan teaches a number of modules on the ChristCentral School of Leadership and is currently studying toward a degree and masters in theology, ministry and mission at Cranmer Hall, Durham University. Alan is married to Susanna and they have a young son called Zachary.

We looked at literary structure, use of scripture & narrative Christology...

Alan Rose York City Church

Students and Twenties

This LifeZone was aimed at any student, or adult in their 20s (or both!)

This was a practical LifeZone, that aimed to help people move forward in God, in their relationships and lives!

A team from Leeds, Harrogate and Gothenburg provided students and 20s an opportunity to interact together, receive prophetic ministry and enjoy teaching which was relevant to their unique life stage. Speakers included Adrian Holloway and Lee Yarbrough.

Hosted by:

  • Josh and Nina Bye - Gud Först, Göteborg
  • Chris and Jo Frost - Gateway, Leeds

Lee Yarbrough

Lee spoke on Friday about Real-Life Mission - he gave lots of real life stories, real-life ups and downs and real-life lessons learned.

Adrian Holloway

Adrian spoke on Sunday morning on 'Hasn't Science Buried God'.

This was a practical LifeZone to help people move forward in God, in their relationships and lives!

Josh Bye Gud Först, Göteborg
Home For Good

Advertisement Feature: Home For Good

Home For Good

A home for every child who needs one!

Home For Good's vision is a home for every child who needs one. In the UK, 4,000 children are waiting for adoption and 9,000 foster families are desperately needed. We believe that the Church can make a difference. Home for Good raises awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents, encourages families to provide loving homes for the children in care, and equips the Church to offer welcoming communities for them. They are dedicated to inspiring, equipping and coordinating the network of local movements, churches and individuals who are making their vision a reality. To find out more click here.

The early church's spirit-filled entrepreneurialism needs to be recaptured. We need a Kingdom of God sized consuming vision that is big enough for the whole church to gather around!

Krish Kandiah consultant, author, theologian, activist

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