Devoted Online


Dear Delegates,

We would like to invite you to join us for Devoted Online on Sunday 30th August!

We wanted to let you know how you can join us, we've tried to make it as easy as possible! 

Option 1 - Your Local ChristCentral Church - timings may vary...
We will be making the programme available to church leaders across ChristCentral. So some churches will opt to gather online as they have been doing and watch altogether via their usual Church Online format. 

Option 2 - Live on YouTube Channels & Facebook Pages - 10:00hrs (BST)
The programme will also play out live on the ChristCentral and Devoted YouTube Channels and also on the ChristCentral and Devoted Facebook pages at 10:00hrs (BST) on Sunday 30th August, so you have the option to join us direct too!

Resources for 5-11s

A section of the programme will be specifically aimed at our primary school aged children. Some resources to help them engage in the meeting will be available to download from the Devoted website on the 27th August. Please pass the following link on to other families in your church so that their children are able to enjoy the morning as much as possible:

Resources for 5-7s

Download 5-7s Resources Now! 

Resources for 8-11s

Download 8-11s Resources Now!


We are very much looking forward to Devoted Online and hope it will serve our delegates really well! Meanwhile, it would really help us if you could subscribe to the Devoted YouTube channel here.

All The Links (for 5-11s PDF download available on 27th August) (live on Sunday 30th August 10:00hrs BST) (live on Sunday 30th August 10:00hrs BST) (live on Sunday 30th August 10:00hrs BST) (live on Sunday 30th August 10:00hrs BST)