Devoted 2021 - Update - April 2021

We feel God speaking to us about continuing to look with eyes of faith; we don't walk by sight but we walk by faith (2 Cor 5:7 ESV). We've also sensed God speaking to us about fruitfulness and harvest even in unusual conditions. In light of this the team decided once again to hold Devoted online only in 2021. We will be expanding what is available online to give more opportunities for interaction in worship and more content for children and young people. We believe that this will enable us to serve a much larger number of people than purely a physical event in 2021.

Our plans for this year's event are coming together really well and we're excited about the diversity of the programming that we'll be able to put together as we seek to serve as wide an age range as possible. There'll be content for adults, children & young people. So don't miss out! If you've not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet click here.

We've got a great set of main speakers and we're looking forward to having specific content for Children & Young people as well as mini-seminars on Saturday & Sunday afternoons. There will be lots going on so don't miss out, plan to join us - 27-29 August 2021 - Online Only

To find out more, including speaker bios, details on seminar subjects and more on our content for children & young people visit: devotedevent.org/2021/