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ChristCentral Offering 2021

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ChristCentral Offering 2021

Dear church leaders,

We wanted to let you know plans for Devoted Online in some more detail, together with information about this year’s offering.

Firstly, the offering...
As you might expect, we want to take an offering at Devoted this year. We feel it should be split 50/50 between mercy and mission. Mercy: projects and ministry working with the poor, marginalised and vulnerable; and Mission: supporting our apostolic teams working across the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. We will also be giving away a proportion of the “mercy” amount to ministry outside ChristCentral. Please take a look at the video here where Jeremy explains more.

Please would you consider taking an offering in your local church, to put in to the Devoted offering?

Please feel free to show, share and use the offering video to help with this (you can download a copy here). All the information about how to give is on our website at christcentralchurches.org/offering

Secondly, the plan for the Devoted weekend…
We will be premiering all of the Devoted videos on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/christcentralchurches. We will also be making the Sunday morning video available for you to download in advance and show locally (more details coming soon). Please would you consider using this in place of your normal Sunday service, either online or in-person?

The programme is as follows: 

Friday 27th August
7pm – main celebration

Saturday 28th August
9am – ~25min children’s videos for 2-4’s, 5-7’s, 8-11’s
2pm – seminars
7pm – main celebration

Sunday 29th August
9am – ~25min children’s videos for 2-4’s, 5-7’s, 8-11’s
10am – main celebration
2pm – seminars
7pm – Amplify youth event

More information, particularly around the seminar choices, will be available nearer the time at

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

With much love and many thanks,
Graham Pyman
ChristCentral Team

You can watch the full video below:

Download a copy to use during your services here.