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Devoted 2021 - Online 27-29 August 2021

Devoted 2021 - Subscribe to YouTube

Devoted Online 2021: 27-29 August 2021
In late August, join us online for Devoted 2021, for a weekend of programmes for all ages, including main meetings and seminars.

You can find out more about our plans by visiting:


* How much does it cost & do I need to book?
- Devoted 2021 is free of charge, you do not need to book, though you may want to subscribe to the ChristCentral YouTube channel: 

* Are you taking up an offering this year? - We will be taking up an offering as usual at Devoted this year, this will go towards two things 'Mercy' and 'Mission'. You can find out more by visiting: 

* What's on? - you can read the programme below or visit: 

* What about after the weekend? - We aim to keep all the content avialable on our YouTube channel and also on our websites after the event. This means you can catch up on demand at a time which suits you!

What about my church- Each ChristCentral church has been given access to the full programme for our main meeting on Sunday 29th August. We're encouraging all churches to watch the video together, whether in person or via online methods. Get in touch with your leaders to find out more...


Full Programme

Friday 27th August
7pm – Main Celebration - Speaker: Natalie Williams

Saturday 28th August
9am – ~25min Children’s Videos: 2-4’s, 5-7’s, 8-11’s
2pm – Seminars
7pm – Main Celebration - Speaker: Josh Howard

Sunday 29th August
9am – ~25min Children’s Videos: 2-4’s, 5-7’s, 8-11’s
10am – Main Celebration - Speaker: Jeremy Simpkins
2pm – Seminars
7pm – Amplify Youth Event


Main Speakers and Seminars

Main Speakers:
Friday Evening: Natalie Williams
Saturday Evening: Josh Howard 
Sunday Morning: Jeremy Simpkins

Seminars - Saturday & Sunday - 2pm

Leadership - Leaders as Shepherds
Mental Health - Talking About Mental Health
Social Action - Church Culture In Light of the Epistle of James
Discipleship - How God can use every one of us to raise disciples
Revival - What is Revival?

Seminars Saturday Only - 2pm
Race & Diversity - Marks of a Multicoloured Church
Creativity - An Introduction to Kaleidoscope
Evangelism - Seeking The Lost And Making Disciples

Seminars Sunday Only - 2pm
Environment - Climate Change Is A Justic Issue
Business - The Kingdom In The Workplace
International Voices - Every Nation, Every Tongue

More Details


So plan to join us, save the dates - 27th - 29th August 2021

and subscribe to our YouTube channel:

We intend to keep all this content, especially our seminars on our YouTube channels after the weekend so that you can access our times of worship and teaching on demand.

All ChristCentral churches will be showing the Sunday morning Devoted programme in place of their normal services on Sunday 29th August, if not you can join us as usual on our YouTube Channel.

Devoted 2021 - Subscribe to YouTube

ChristCentral Offering 2021
As in previous years, Devoted gives us the opportunity to take up a central offering with the aim of extending the work we do together as ChristCentral.

This years offering will be split between mercy and mission. We will be giving 50% of the offering to works of mercy - churches and organisations that are working with the poor, the marginalised, the vulnerable. The remaining 50% will go towards mission - our apostolic teams working around the world in Africa, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and elsewhere.

To read more and find out how you can give click here or visit:

Here's a short video which shares more of the vision for our 2021 offering: