Devoted 2021 - Seminars

Devoted 2021 Seminars

Saturday & Sunday - 2pm

Saturday Only - 2pm

Sunday Only - 2pm

Marks of a Multicoloured Church

Marks of a Multicoloured Church

But There Is Hard Work To Do...

 Premiers - Saturday 28th August - 2pm

Dr John M Perkins, Christian minster and American segregation activist, now in his 90s, came to faith at the age of 27. Subsequently he experienced decades of racial violence, death and imprisonment in America. His brother Clyde was shot by a Mississippi marshal when Perkins was only 16. He was beaten and slandered. He fled to California due to racial threat. He had every reason to hate white people, to carry unforgiveness and look for revenge. Instead this was his conclusion:

 ‘There is no institution on earth more equipped and capable of bringing transformation to the cause of reconciliation than the Church. But we have some hard work to do’.

Dr John M Perkins Speaking about the Church

In this seminar we will explore the unique marks of Christianity that make our faith intellectually, spiritually, practically, socially and psychologically unsurpassable in its power to change the world...YOUR WORLD.

But we ALL have some hard work to do...

I hope you will be stirred by this presentation of the Marks of a Multicoloured Church, but I also hope and pray you will consider using this interactive session with your leadership teams, mid week home groups, social action teams, prayer partners and others to help you formulate the ‘hard work’ of building multiethnic teams and churches.

It is also designed so that you can use it as a structure for one of your prayer meetings as a way to engage the church to increasingly be one new humanity in Christ, citizens with God’s people, members of God’s holy family, and residents of His household!


  • Blessan Babu - City Church Sheffield
  • Mojtaba Kargar - Jubilee Church Teesside
  • Chris Onyedinma - Jubilee Church Teesside
  • Lisa Norcross - Community Church Blackburn
  • Raj Saha - Jubilee Church Teesside 
Introducing Kaleidoscope

Introducing Kaleidoscope

What is Kaleidoscope & why is creativity so important?

 Premiers - Saturday 28th August - 2pm

If you've never heard of Kaleidoscope then don't miss this opportunity to be introduced to not only the Kaleidoscope Leadership team but also the newly crafted Purpose and Vision Statement. It's impossible to overstate the significance of creativity in our day to day lives, it's also impossible to overstate its importance to God. It's not supposed to be an optional extra that gets utilised during a Christmas Carol Service or every so often on a Sunday morning, it's central to the character of God and it's meant to be evident in every context of life - found in the DNA of every human on the planet.

To quote David Benjamin Blower:

 Christian hope is anticipatory. We are not forever looking backwards at a merely mechanistic atonement in the past, nor are we looking sideways for momentary escape from the experience of the present. Christian hope looks, ultimately, forward, to the renewal of creation, to the healing of the nations, and to a time when God’s Goodness resides fully among us. Every glimpse of beauty is a glimmer of this end, a present manifestation of a future which will ultimately swallow up and transform a suffering and broken present, and the faithful artist works to cultivate this sort of anticipatory imagination.

If you've been pursuing your artistic passion for decades, or if you're only really getting started, we're looking forward to meeting you and journeying with you - you have a massive part to play in the Kaleidoscope story - let's get it started.

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  • Jez Chalmers - Stoke on Trent
  • David Ash - Derby
  • Dave Brown - Chester
  • Sharon Cameron - Halifax
  • Andy Lowe - Shrewsbury
  • Ali Mac - Sheffield
  • Mark Willoughby - Sheffield
  • Jeremy & Ann Simpkins - Manchester 
Revival - What is Revival?


What is Revival?

 Premiers - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August - 2pm

We often use the word Revival, with a sense of longing for major spiritual breakthrough, but there seem to be different expectations about what that break through would look like. The word Revival itself has different meanings and levels of understanding depending on the context which it is used in. It can be used to describe a flagging sports team finding form, the re-discovery and increased popularity of a style of music, art or political ideology. It has also be used in varying ways by Christians throughout the last 2,000yrs in the context of dormant faith and truths suddenly coming alive and impacting wider society.

These two seminars explore what revival is and isn’t, an overview of revival in church history, scenes from revivals past and present, and an exhortation to believe God for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit. This subject is difficult to explore in much detail in two short videos but our hope is that they will stimulate your appetite, show you some ways to further investigate this subject and inspire faith and expectation.


Dave Fellingham experienced revival first hand when he ministered in Korea, and his family history is rooted in revival experience. He is a Bible teacher, author, and songwriter, and is based at Lifespring, Horsham.

Jeremy and Ann Simpkins

Seeking The Lost & Making Disciples

Challenges & opportunities in a post-lockdown world

 Premiers - Saturday 28th August - 2pm

This video, featuring some of ChristCentral’s Evangelism and Church Growth Team, sets out some of the challenges and opportunities we face in a post- lockdown world. Watch it and be encouraged in the power of the gospel, and be inspired to get more involved in making new disciples!


  • Steve Hurd - Huddersfield
  • Jeremy Simpkins - Manchester
  • Chris Frost - Leeds
  • Hane & Danielle - Liverpool
  • Natalie Williams - Hastings
  • Caroline Todd - Darlington
  • Raj Saha - Teesside
  • Gaynor Morris - Bradford 
Social Action - Church Culture

Social Action

Church Culture In Light Of The Book Of James

 Premiers - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August - 2pm

Session One Our first seminar looks at how churches become places which embrace the poor and are able to disciple those who are disadvantaged and marginalised using the book of James to build some basic principles. It looks at our view of money, responding to the needs of the poor, building true friendships and argues that our faith must produce action.

Session Two - Walk The Talk - our second seminar looks at what our personal response can be, how can we put into practice some of the things which we have learned in the first seminar?

The ChristCentral Social Action team seeks to inspire and promote work with and for the poor, not just supporting people in crisis but creating long term change in people’s lives, moving them from a point of crisis into stability. We want to promote projects and enterprises which release people from poverty and support those who find themselves in Crisis.

We believe that churches should be a force for good in their neighbourhoods, impacting the towns and cities where they are based, tackling issues of poverty and injustice and being places where those from the poorest backgrounds are not only welcomed but included.


Nick Priggis lives in Shrewsbury with his family, having moved there to help serve in a local church that he now helps to lead. He is one of the founders of a Social Enterprise which presently includes two community interest companies and is also a Trustee of a charity which supports churches that care for the poor and most vulnerable in the Ukraine and Zambia.

Mental Health

Talking About Mental Health

A looking into the stigma, means of help & how spiritual life can affect our mental health

 Premiers - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August - 2pm

This video is a conversation examining the subject of 'Mental Health', the stigma and confusion surrounding the term, the means of help and support in finding a way out of mental illness and the way our spiritual life can affect our mental health.

Ginny Burgin author of the recently published book 'Overpowering Nemo, Encountering Deliverance and Walking in Freedom', has a background in counselling and is currently serving both prophetically and pastorally on the staff of City Church Sheffield, as well as serving elsewhere in the UK and as part of the ChristCentral apostolic team.

Ginny is talking with: Dr Steve Thomas - who is currently a General Practitioner and is Clinical Director for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism at NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group. Steve has also worked for the National Collaboration Centre for Mental health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists as National Commissioning Advisor, helping to plan new mental health services for England.

To purchase a copy of Ginny's book  click here.

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Environment - CreationCall

CreationCall: climate change is a justice issue

Focusing on our God-given responsibility to be good stewards of the earth that God created.

 Premiers - Sunday 29th August - 2pm

This seminar introduces CreationCall, the ChristCentral apostolic initiative focussing on the environment. Martin Charlesworth explains the link between climate change and global injustice, we see how climate change is already affecting our churches in Zambia, and we learn what is being done in response.

CreationCall is a ChristCentral Initiative, focusing on our God-given responsibility to be good stewards of the earth that God created. We recognise that we live in a growing crisis of climate change and ecological breakdown. It aims raise awareness of these issues, to provide training and practical ideas, encouraging and supporting churches and Christians to make faithful responses which will bring positive change.

 Before you finish eating breakfast, you’ve depended on more than half the world

Martin Luther King Jnr A Christmas Sermon on Peace - 1969

Whether you think about it or not, every single thing you do affects the climate, the environment and the world in which we live, either for good or bad. Our everyday choices can make a massive difference to the planet we live on and even to people who live across the other side of the world.

This seminar will explore some of these themes with the help of Martin Charlesworth as he focusses on how climate change is linked to global justice.

You can find out more about CreationCall by visiting:


  • Martin Charlesworth (Jubilee Plus)
  • Austin Hamankolo (ChristCentral Zambia)
  • Nick Priggis (BREADtrust)
  • Karen Hills (CreationCall team)

Leadership: Leaders as Shepherds

What does it mean for a leader to be a shepherd? What does it mean for me and for any group I am leading (small group, church or children’s work etc.)?

 Premiers - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August - 2pm

The Bible uses the picture of leaders as shepherds right from Genesis into the New Testament. It’s full of examples of good and bad leadership and we want to learn from the good examples and heed the warnings of the bad! Leadership isn’t really to do with our capacity (ie. how many people we are leading). You can be an excellent leader of 1,000s but you can also be an excellent leader of 1s and 2s.

The principles of good leadership aren’t dependant on the size of gathering you are leading, you may be leading a church or a worship group, a small group or discipling one or two people. In all these areas we want to lead well and grow in the gifting and responsibility that God has given us.

What is clear is that the concept of the shepherd is so deeply ingrained into the psyche of the people of God and 1st Century life that whilst Paul travelled teaching throughout the great cities of the Roman Empire the theme of being a shepherd was still used to speaking into leading well.

In this two part seminar we focus in on this subject and see what it can teach us about how we can lead today!


Tim Davies leads the team in Family of Grace Muscat, Oman and is still learning what it means for leaders to understand that it is better to give than receive!


The Kingdom In The Workplace

How can you bring kingdom influence in your workplace?

 Premiers - Sunday 29th August - 2pm

This seminar looks at how we can be Kingdom influencers in our workplaces. For many of us our day to day lives will be spent out in the marketplace undertaking work of some sort or other. Chris and Anne Brand are part of City Church Sheffield and have both been in secular employment for over 30 years.

Their aim in this seminar is for you to leave with a clearer vision of how you can bring Kingdom influence into your place of work and for you to be encouraged and have a new enthusiasm for work. Chris and Anne look at some of the opportunities and the challenges they have faced in bringing the Kingdom of God into the workplace.

The seminar looks at the question - how can we bring the kingdom into the work place and what does this mean?


Chris and Anne Brand are part of City Church Sheffield and have both been in secular employment for over 30yrs.



How God can use every one of us to raise disciples

 Premiers - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August - 2pm

John Payne talks to Josh Howard (one of our main speakers at Devoted 2021). One of the silver linings for John in this season of COVID we have all been going through is the way that God has used us all going online to introduce him to all kinds of different people, doing incredible things for God in different places around the world. For John one of those people has been Josh Howard!

In these two sessions John will ask Josh to share some of his story and discuss with him the passion and faith he has to see every one of us raise up disciples in our every day lives. John & Kate have been so stirred by his story and his desire to raise up disciples who make disciples as they have planned and launched Tidal Church, a church plant in North Shore Vancouver.

Don't miss these two discussions, you'll find them encouraging, challenging and equipping!


Josh Howard - Josh has been living in India since 2008 and has a passion to see the Kingdom of God spread throughout the world. He desires to raise up disciples who make disciples, leaders who create leaders, and churches that plant churches. In order to see this happen, Josh is overseeing the church planting school at Central India Christian Mission (CICM), which prepares church planters to go to unreached areas in India and the surrounding countries. In 2015, he launched a branch of the ministry called “Ignite”, which has seen over 6,000 churches started in 6 years! He has a Master of Arts in Missional Church Movements from Wheaton College and is the co-author of the book Christian Extremism: A Life Worth Dying For. Besides God’s grace through Jesus, He is most thankful for his wife Lashi, his two sons, Josiah and Jeremiah, and his daughter Zara.

John Payne - North Vancouver, Canada - John moved to North Vancouver with his wife Kate and their family in 2020 to prepare to plant Tidal Church. The church aims to start dozens of local communities across the North Shore, that help people encounter God and grow in His love for where they live. John & Kate are passionate about partnership and are planting Tidal Church with the support of Trinity Central, Vancouver and Hope Church, Harrogate. Prior to moving to Vancouver, John and Kate planted Hope Church Harrogate from Gateway Church Leeds in 2010, with a passion to see churches impacting their communities, the nation and the nations. They have three young children and Kate works as a GP.

Every Tribe, Every Tongue

Every Nation, Every Tongue

Premiers - Sunday 29th August - 2pm

More details coming soon...