Devoted Leaders 2022 - Audio / Video

These messages were recorded at Devoted Leaders 2022 a leadership conference hosted by ChristCentral. These talks and the associated audio are now available in full on our media page: christcentralchurches.org/media 

You can find the 'In Conversation Videos' here...

To download all the main session videos click here.

Main Session

Jeremy Simpkins - Moving From The Wilderness Into The Promised Land - Download here
Jeremy Simpkins opens our conference with a message entitled "Moving From The Wilderness Into The Promised Land".

Nicky Gumbel - Jesus Only

In Conversation With Nicky Gumbel - Full Version

Chris Frost - Prayer For the UK & Europe - Download here

Terry Virgo - God's Great Plan - Download here!
In his first main session message to us Terry speaks from the life of Moses about God's Great Plan.

Natalie Williams - Encountering Mercy - Download here!
In her main session Natalie encourages us from scripture and calls us to pray as a family of churches for the vulnerable, marginalised and the poor in our towns, cities and nations. Why not use this as a pattern for prayer as a small group or as a church family together?

Terry Virgo - Come With Us We'll Do You Good - Download Here!
In his second main session Terry Virgo continues his theme looking at the life of Moses.

Seminar Sessions

Chris Frost - Leading In Mercy & Mission

Terry Virgo - Your Walk With God

David Fellingham | Singing In The Spirit

More videos coming soon!

Audio Versions

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