Graham Pyman
Devoted Leaders 2024

Devoted Leaders Price Break - 31st March 2024
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Devoted Leaders is coming up, as you know, in June of this year in Darlington, the dates are the 25th to the 27th of June. We are in Darlington. Once again this year, hosted by our good friends at Kings Church and we've got some great speakers lined up this year. We’ve got Tope Koleoso from Jubilee Church in London, Deborah Green from Redeeming Our Communities is back with us once again. New for this year Steve and Deb Tibbett from Kings Church London are with us. As you know, Steve now leads the Newfrontiers International Fellowship of Apostles, and it's great that they are with us over these few days as well. We've recently had a few days as an international team with Steve and Deb and they're very much looking forward to being with us for our leaders conference in June. Finally we've also got Marcus Honeysett with us, who leads a ministry called Living Leadership, working to encourage, support and develop leaders across different churches in the UK.

We’re very much looking forward to gathering together once again. You need to know that the next price break is at the end of March. So you’ve got until the end of March to get booked in at the current price before it goes up. Now there are two benefits to:

Number One - it will save you money so your trustees will be very happy

Number Two - it really helps us for planning to have a rough idea of what our numbers are going to look like. For the conference.

So please can I ask you to get yourself and people from your church booked in by the end of March to get the best current price.

New in 2024 - Workplace Leadership Networking 
We're going to have a couple of workplace leadership gatherings over two of the lunch times. One will be for those working in the private sector and the other will be for those working in the public sector these will be a great opportunity to network, encourage and support leaders from those worlds. We've billed Devoted Leaders as a leadership conference for marketplace and church leaders. So we’re hoping that these opportunities for networking will encourage leaders who come and join us from those backgrounds, so please do invite business leaders from your church to join us.

ChristCentral Offering
The final thing about the leadership conference is it gives us an opportunity to take an offering for the wider work and ministry of ChristCentral. You will know that the offering that we give in to regularly at conferences like Devoted Leaders is an opportunity for us to support, encourage, and release ministry right around the world. So some of our international friends that you know and love and you'll see at conferences like this, our offering goes not just to supporting their travel and their Apostolic Ministry, but it goes towards supporting their families, putting food on their tables, and helping to support everyday living for them. Please can I ask you, as churches to come ready to give together into this great offering.

We have produced some flyers for you which are available by contacting

Please use these to help you invite people in your church.

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